You will not share the cabin with anyboy else. However, there must be a minimun of 2 people per cabin. A reservation is booked once payment is received. The cabin has linen and towels, fans in each bedroom and no hot water.

Yes, if you happen to arrive after the office is closed (4 p.m.), your key will be waiting for you at the entrance gate. Check in after 2 p.m. and check out at noon. If you are going out to the town for meals, be aware that the gate will be locked after 11 p.m.

Yes, you can pay cash, or Visa/Master card.

If you have a reservation for the night, you will park next to your cabin. In accordance to our management plan day visitors are not allowed after 4 p.m. in the premises.
If you are visiting for the day, you can park in the designated areas.

There is a 24 hour guard at the entrance of Curú as well as a guard in the administration area that can help you. Call 2641-0590 for assistance.

Yes, the Department of Health regularly checks our water that comes from a natural spring in the mountains. If you need bottled water, make sure to purchase it before the office closes at 4 p.m., or you can always drive to the town of Paquera.

Yes, you will have to make the payment on line, or wait until the office opens at 8 a.m.

Yes, however we do not recommend you do it by yourself. During the dark nights you will be able to see Bioluminescence. During nights with a moon, it is very pleasant to swim in the bay.

No, swimming in the estuary or river is dangerous, because several crocodiles have been spotted in the area.

Yes, all our trails are well kept. If you are visiting for the day you can walk them between 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
You can walk along the trails at night only of you are staying in the cabins for the evening. All the day visitors have to leave by 4 p.m. One of the advantages of the night hikes is you will get to see some of the wildlife that is only active at night.

Yes, however it is a hard hike of over 5.1 kilometers that includes several hills. You will need at least 1.5 hours to get there and 1.5 hours back as well as water. There are no facilities at Playa Quesera. During the rainy season from May until November, the trail becomes very muddy. If possible, try to do the 3 hour horseback riding tour (one hour to get there, one hour at the beach, one hour back) you can arrange it at the office 30 minutes in advance.

The proceeds from your stay, entrance fees, meals, horseback riding and purchases at the souvenir shop go directly to protect the over 1800 acres of protected forest at Curú.